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What is Uplift Scotland?

Uplift Scotland provides mountain bikers with a means to get to the top of Ae Forest and Innerleithen trails without having to pedal or push back up the hill.

We use a combination of specially designed, bike-friendly trailers and rider-friendly Land Rovers and midi buses to take up to 8 (Ae Forest) or 32 (Innerleithen) bikers and riders up to the top of the trails, all the fun without the pushing.

At both venues each bike has its own individual space on the trailer and is strapped down safely and securely.

Who can use the uplift service?

Anyone with some reasonable riding skills!

Uplift Scotland is great for everyone from riders looking for a fun day out to professional downhill racers (we get our fair share of both), and offers the best way to enjoy the trails at two of the best gravity riding venues in the UK.

There’s no minimum age limit. (though we do ask that under 16’s are signed in by a parent or guardian and that under 12’s are accompanied on the trails).

It doesn’t matter if your style is trail riding, downhill, freeride or enduro, Uplift Scotland takes you to the top, letting you choose your route back down for maximum grin factor!!

How did Uplift Scotland all start?

Like a lot of downhill riders, Tally soon got sick of pushing his bike uphill, and wanted to create a really effective way of training in-between races.

There were plenty of other people in the same boat, so he started by hiring a lorry at Ae forest, soon expanded to a coach and lorry service at both Innerleithen and Ae forest and finally to the fleet of Land Rovers, mini buses and purpose built trailers we use today.


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