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Ae forest mtb uplift

Ae Forest

Ae Forest, just north of Dumfries, is widely seen as one of the best and most intense rides in the country. Ae Forest has several huge attractions when it comes to aggressive trail riding & downhill mountain biking.

Ae Uplift

Adrenalin Uplift

Ae Forest Trailforks Map

Eat / Sleep / Shop

Ae Bike Shop & Cafe – On site and on point. Fill up on breakfasts, burgers, toasties and proper coffee or stick your head into the well-stocked bike shop, both located right at the main trailhead car park. Couldn’t be handier.

Ae Barn – A stone’s throw away from the trailhead car park and a view of the main Downhill tail from the lounge window, this recently converted barn makes for a great place to stay for a biking trip.

(Official) Trails

Omega Man

The Omega Man is a frighteningly fast section of trail! Start off ripping down a rock strewn trail that gets faster and faster, then you’re over a few jumps and slamming through the bomb hole which spits you into a section surrounded by large trees.

There’s a black or red choice to be made in here – the red sends you over a few table tops and a huge drop off that you can fly for 25 feet, while the black sends you into a pair of doubles then into the monster table top.

The trails then re-merge and flow down over more jumps and finishing with either a boardwalk section or some skinny log rides!

The Shredder

Graded orange bike park, The Shredder is a Downhill (DH) run aimed at improving a riders skills and is a great ice breaker into this discipline of the sport and the trail most riders chose as their first run!

From fast berms to flat, open corners; tabletop jumps to a road gap; rocky straights through tight trees to off camber sections, The Shredder really gives you a taste of everything that is downhill.

The end of The Shredder leads onto the Omega Man.

Ae Downhill

The legendary Ae Downhill course has two top sections.

One starts off steep and rocky, leading to an off-camber contouring descent where even the most competent riders will have to be brave to ride fast!

The other has a flat out sprint start into rutted turns and rocky sections before the two trails merge into the woods. You’re then thrown into a ball-bearing gully that spits you out into some tight, twisty, well-rutted singletrack with multiple trail options, followed by a rock garden and stream gap.

This spits you out into a step up and them a choice of stump garden, step up or hip jump then its the spiral staircase down to the forest road.

From the fire road there are two lines to choose from: on the right you can tackle the giant rock garden or to the left you can fly off a gap double. the trail then splits right or left, the right has some sweet traditional singletrack. The left is a fast line with step up to bus stop then the infamous coffin jump!

The bottom section of the hill is a rabbit warren of quality trails, most from the SDA and National races. These then all converge onto the huge step down then into a series of tight berms and jumps.